How to Reheat Coffee Without a Microwave?

Most people with a hectic work routine can easily relate to a situation where they were so busy with their work that they forgot their coffee for a while. And if someone is a coffee lover, they would hate cold coffee or having to face such a situation. 

If you have faced similar situations and couldn’t find any microwave to heat your coffee, this article is for you. We will elaborate on you different ways in which you can easily enjoy your coffee without heating in the microwave. 

Ways to Reheat Coffee Without Microwave:

We have categorized different ways in which you can easily reheat your coffee without a microwave. All these ways are safe to perform and will leave you having a hot and delicious tasting coffee. 

Butter Warmer Method:

The first and foremost method you can adopt is using a butter warmer to heat up your cold coffee on the stove. This method is adaptable because butter warmers are specifically made for liquids and can heat your stuff without spilling or splashing them everywhere.  This method is safer than heating your coffee in a microwave. 

To perform this method, you only need a butter warmer, and that’s all, no fancy stuff or tools to heat your coffee. So anytime you face this terrible situation, you can always utilize a butter warmer and heat your coffee in no time. 

Using an Immersion Beverage Heater:

An immersion beverage heater is designed to heat beverages such as coffee and tea. It is used by traveling people who do not have enough equipment to reheat their teas or coffees. These heaters go inside your coffee, and when they have reached a certain temperature, they automatically turn themselves off. 

You can utilize these heaters anywhere, from home to office and even in cars. They are safe to use and help you reheat your coffee without wasting time.

Most people use immersion heaters at home when their hot water tanks stop working, and they can also be used in several other chores where you need to reheat something. Compared to butter warmers, immersion heaters can also reheat a large number of liquids.

The Stove Method:

You might have heard and practically done this one for reheating your coffee, simply using the stove to reheat the cup of coffee you left without drinking. You can pour the coffee into a heating pot and put it on the stove for about 5 minutes, and voila! You have a hot cup of coffee ready. Apart from heating coffee, you can pretty much heat anything on the stove. 

Utilizing the stove is technically a speedy process and will not take too much of your time. While using the stove, remember to notice the desired temperature you require for your coffee so you don’t overheat the liquid. 

Be very careful when using a stove and maintain a distance so that you don’t end up spilling and burning yourself with hot coffee. You can also put your mug on the stove to heat your coffee if your coffee mug can tolerate heat and is made for such purposes. 

One thing to note here is that not all mugs are made for such purposes and cannot tolerate heat, so you need to choose the right mug. You can also use a pan that can eliminate the risk of burns and will do the job just fine. 

Using a Mug Warmer:

Mug warmers are the most important equipment to keep your coffee hot for longer. They are easy to use, take them anywhere, and you won’t have to do many things to reheat your coffee. If you have a mug warmer, you can easily use it for longer when you are busy multitasking and have no time to drink your coffee.

However, the mug warmer is not always suitable for reheating your coffee because it is not always the strongest out of all options. But if you often forget about your coffee, you can always opt for a mug warmer, so you don’t waste it. 

Using A Thermal Mug:

Using a thermal mug is the easiest and quick option for anyone who wants to keep their coffee heated while they are busy sending emails at work. You can purchase these mugs from electronic shops or popular coffee houses like Starbucks. 

The thermal mugs only need a few hours to charge, so they can easily keep your coffee warm and can be lost for several years. We highly recommend thermal mugs and their accessories to avoid any situation where you want to preheat your coffee without a microwave. 

Most thermal mugs come with batteries; however, some versions come with a cable and remote. 


You might use one of these methods if you don’t find a microwave; however, the best thing to do is to drink your coffee when it is still warm rather than letting it sit and get cooler. 

This way, you will be able to enjoy the natural taste of your coffee and save a lot of time for your multitasking. Also, when you use the stove or anything that has a chance to cause burns, use preventive measures to calm the area around you or put off any risks of sudden fires.


We hope our article has helped you understand how you can easily reheat your coffee without a microwave. All these methods are safe to do however, in case of any emergency, try to seek professional help. 

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