How to Grind Coarse Coffee for French Press? The Complete Guide

Want to know how to grind coarse coffee for the french press?

A french press is a great way to grind coffee. It uses a coarse grind and it can be brewed with hot water in order to extract the oils from the beans. So, If you’re also a fan of french press coffee, then grind coarsely. That’s right: grind your beans really finely and you’ll get the most flavor out of them.

The grind size of the coffee is important because if you grind your coffee too finely, then it will not come out properly when using a french press. Here we will discuss how to grind french press coffee so that you can enjoy the best tasting grind possible!

Important Steps before grinding a coarse coffee:

Here are the important steps in order to grind coarse coffee for the french press:

  1. Before you grind your coffee, make sure that it is fresh.
  2. Grind the coarse grinds with a burr grinder for the french press because a blade grinder will produce finely ground coffee which may not be suitable for use in a French Press.
  3. Ensure that you have purchased whole beans from a reputable source and store them properly to maintain their freshness.
  4. Find out whether or not your machine has an adjustable grind control so as to choose between coarse grind size and medium grind size.

Steps to grind coarse coffee for French Press:

To grind coarse grind for french press, you can buy a burr grinder which is an electric coffee mill. It runs at lower speeds so that the beans don’t get burned. Burr grinders are much better than blade grinders because they produce uniform grind size and do not create heat in order to crack or burn your beans.

Step 1 – Boil the water:

First, start with boiling water in order to grind coarse grind for french press. So, to boil water, you’ll need a kettle and it should be able to hold at least 32 ounces of water. It’s important that the water is boiling because if you grind them with cold or room temperature coffee. Then your grind size will not come out properly in order to extract flavor from them.

Steps 2 – Grind the coarse coffee:

Grind the coarse coffee for at least 30 seconds. Keep the lid on while grinding to make sure that grinds are not flying all over your kitchen. Also, you should grind coarse grind in short bursts of about three to four seconds just until they reach the desired grind size.

Step 3- Pour the boiled water into ground coffee:

Pour the ground coffee into a large coffee maker. You can also use an Aeropress or any other brewer which you have but make sure that it is 32 ounces of water. Also, remember that the amount of water should be twice the coffee grounds. If you have 40 grams of coffee, you will pour 80 grams of boiled water.

Step 4- Gentle stir:

Gently stir the water and coffee mixture stir with a spoon or chopstick in order to make sure that grinds are not stuck at the bottom of your brewer. This can lead to over-extraction because grind size is important when brewing French Press.

Step 5- Pour remaining water:

Pour the rest of the water into a measuring cup and carefully cover the grounds with the lid. So on, until all water has been used in order to get a strong coffee grind for french press.

Step 6- Serve the coffee:

Once you grind coarse grind for the french press to the desired taste, just pour it into a cup and serve. Serve the coffee as soon as you’ve finished pressing it. Don’t let the grinds sit in the french press for too long in order to grind the coarse grind for the french press.

3 Mistakes while Brewing French Press Coffee:

There are three common mistakes people make when brewing coffee grind coarse grind for the french press:

The first is to use too fine of a grind which will produce over-extraction and this causes the coffee grounds to feel like they’re sitting in your mouth.

The second mistake people make with French Press is that they don’t pour enough water into it. If you do not add enough water, then the grind size won’t come out properly. This can lead to under extraction because you’ll end up with weak coffee rather than a strong one.

The final mistake made while grinding coarse grind for french press or any other method is waiting too long before serving it after pressing grinds down so on until all water has been used.

This can be overcome by making sure that grinds are not sitting in your French Press for too long. In order to avoid this, pour grind coffee into a cup immediately after pressing the ground coarse grind in a french press.

So until all water has been used and served it right away while the temperature is still high. This will ensure that grinds do not sit in your French Press for too long.


In conclusion, grinding coarse grind for french press will help you to make a better-tasting coffee grind as compared to some other brewing methods such as drip or pour-over. Just follow the steps I talked about in this blog post and make sure that your grind size is not too large.

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