Can You Use Ground Coffee in a Keurig?

Keurig coffee makers are known for their fast brewing and convenience. A wide variety of these machines are available in the market for everyone. Many people choose these machines to brew coffee with fresh coffee beans.

You can utilize your Keurig in multiple ways and create delicious coffee recipes for yourself every single time without wasting a lot of time. But if you are confused about brewing ground coffee in your Keurig, this blog post will surely help you decide. 

Can you use ground coffee in a Keurig?

Yes, using reusable filters, you can use ground coffee in a Keurig. You can also use mesh filters or flat-bottom paper filters for the carafe side for single cups.

  • Use the right grind size to prevent ground coffee from clogging your filter.
  • Be very careful that you don’t end up letting it get into the coffee you are preparing.

One advantage of brewing ground coffee is that it reduces the harsh impact of single-use coffee pods on the environment. The ground coffee left in the filter can later be used in compost.

Make sure you get the best coffee beans from your local store. So that, you can easily utilize them in making multiple coffee recipes.

How to use ground coffee in a Keurig:

This is a procedure that most coffee lovers use when they are making coffee using a Keurig.

  • First, grind the coffee beans you want to use for making coffee.
  • Now tightly hold the housing of the coffee filter you use for your Keurig and turn the lid anticlockwise to unlock it.
  • Next, open the lid and remove the filter basket, adding coffee grounds into the basket to the single cup line. 
  • Then insert the filter in the holder, cover it by capping it and turn the cover to lock mode.

If the capping is not as tight as it should be, you must remove the filter basket and place the capping on it before putting it back into the holder. You also have to turn the capping in clockwise mode to lock it. 

Next, you should lift the handle or the machine you are using and push the k-cup holder from the bottom to remove it from the Keurig. Now insert the reusable filter you are utilizing for this process in the brewer, and replace it with the K-cup pod holder.

Close the handle of the brewer and ensure your machine has water up to the required level. Now all you have to do is brew the amount you desire, open your machine’s handle, and discard the grounds. Lastly, enjoy your delicious, freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

Why do you need to use Ground Coffee in a Keurig?

There are multiple reasons why you should prefer using ground coffee instead of k-pods, and for our readers’ understanding, we have listed some of the reasons down below, 

Enhances the Flavour of Your Coffee:

Your coffee’s flavor will be much better than the regular k-pod one because fresh ground coffee has a rich flavor you can enjoy on every brew. Keurig machines themselves have the reputation of providing delicious-tasting coffee.  

Control The Strength of Your Coffee:

Using ground coffee will give you the advantage of controlling the strength of your brew. You can easily make it strong or make it less bold, depending on the ratio of coffee that you are willing to use. Many people opt to follow the traditional strength of coffee when they are using ground coffee.

Create Your Own Blend:

This is by far the most likable thing about ground coffee you can easily mix your referred coffee beans and make your own blend that suits your flavor demands and the texture that you like. 

Cost Effective:

From the expense side, ground coffee is way cheaper than K-pods, and you can extract a lot of coffee from a single container of coffee beans. So if you are trying to save money but cannot resist drinking coffee, ground coffee is the best option for you. 

Diverse Coffee-Making Experience:

With ground coffee, you can make many delicious coffee recipes, such as pour-over coffee makers, compared to K-pods, which will only allow you to make a certain type of coffee, such as single serves. So to experience diversity in coffee making, ground coffee is the best option. 


Ground coffee is more convenient to use than using K-cup pods. This is because, in some areas, you might only find ground coffee and no k-cup pods so, in this situation, you can always use ground coffee and enjoy your coffee time. 

Environment Friendly:

 As we have discussed earlier, ground coffee is much more environmentally friendly than the k-cup pods that you will only use once. Ground coffee is the best option for you if you value the environment and care for your planet.

Important Thing to Important Things to Note:

The blend that you will use will greatly affect the quality of your coffee, so it’s better to choose better beans rather than relying on multiple different blends.

Along with this, try to remove the grounds from the filter as soon as you are done making a brew. Most people do not pay enough attention to this and often end up having bitter coffee. Furthermore, it can also increase the chances of making your brewer work slow or not up to its maximum capabilities. 


We hope by now it must be clear to you how you can utilise ground coffee instead of K-cup pods in a Keurig daily and enjoy fresh brew every single time. If you are a coffee lover and love to know more about the art of coffee making, check out our other blog post on our website regarding coffee and the art of coffee making.

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