Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Sink?

As anyone who has ever brewed coffee knows after the grounds are used they’re usually discarded in the trash can. But what if you could put those grounds to good use and not have to worry about clogging up your sink? 

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to do just that! Read on for some helpful tips on how to dispose of coffee grounds without causing any trouble.

What are coffee grounds:

Coffee grounds are the used coffee beans that are left over after brewing a pot of coffee. They have a slightly bitter taste and also contain caffeine.

Can you put them down in the sink?

Coffee grounds cannot be disposed of directly into the drain because they will eventually harden and clog up your pipe. If the coffee grounds go directly down your sink, you will either have to fish them out with a bobby pin or pour boiling water in to dissolve them.

Can you put them down at the garbage disposal:

Put simply, NO! The blades inside the garbage disposal are too weak to handle coffee grounds, which will just wind up jamming it. Coffee grounds can also impart a bad taste into foods coming out of the disposal.

What do I do with my coffee grounds?:

There are many ways in which you can dispose of your coffee grounds. If you don’t want to go through all this trouble, then instead simply compost the grounds! This is an often-overlooked method that is beneficial to the environment and saves space in landfills. Coffee grounds are high in carbon and nitrogen, making them an ideal composting material.

Add them to your compost pile: 

Used coffee grounds make great additions to compost piles because they’re rich in nitrogen. This means that they can act as a food source for plants and other forms of organic matter.

Clean your grill: 

Add some coffee grounds while you’re grilling and remove the excess grease! The dirt and oil will stick to the grounds leaving your grill nice and clean.

Clean rusty tools: 

Coffee grounds won’t exactly remove rust spots from gardening tools, but they will rub out any clinging dirt effectively. Just sprinkle some coffee grounds on a clean rag and gently rub the rusty areas.

Use them in your garden: 

Coffee grounds mixed with crushed eggshells make great natural pest repellents. Coffee grounds can also be spread around the base of your plants to keep away slugs and snails. This works because the caffeine in the coffee will act as a deterrent for these pests that don’t like its bitter taste.

Absorb bad smells: 

If you have a trash can that tends to smell, add a layer of coffee grounds on top to help absorb the odors. The grounds will also help to keep moisture levels down, which will prevent bacteria from growing.

Use them to scrub your face: 

Coffee grounds are actually good for more than just getting rid of odors around the sink. They also make great natural exfoliants you can use to scrub away dead skin cells from your face.

Just mix a tablespoon of coffee grounds with a few drops of water until it forms a paste, and then massage into your skin in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and enjoy your soft, smooth skin!

Use them as an exfoliator: 

Coffee grounds are extremely gentle on the skin, so they’re perfect for adding to DIY scrubs! Just add a tablespoon of grounds to some coconut oil and it will naturally exfoliate your skin without causing too much irritation.

Add them to baked goods: 

Everyone knows that coffee is great for waking up baked treats, but did you know that it can also make your brownies moist? Simply add a tablespoon of instant espresso powder to your favorite chocolate cake or brownie recipe to get an added caffeine boost.

Coffee ground pest deterrents: 

Spread coffee grounds around any plants that may be affected by pests to keep them away! This works best if combined with orange peels or cinnamon.

Use them as seasoning: 

Coffee works great as an addition to various dishes, thanks to its unique taste and aroma! Add some grounds to chili for a caramelized flavor or sprinkle on top of meats before baking for an extra punch of flavor.

Brew yourself a pot of coffee: 

Yes, that’s right! You can use those used coffee grounds again as long as you don’t mind the flavor. Simply pour the hot water back into your coffeemaker and run it through as you normally would.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to use coffee grounds without causing any trouble. Just be sure to use them in moderation and always take caution when using them around the house. With a little creativity, you can come up with all sorts of fun and useful ways to put those grounds to good use!

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